Sustaining All Life

Sustaining All Life (SAL) brings the­­ tools and understandings of Re-evaluation Counseling (RC) to climate activists. These include the exchange of listening time between peers, addressing oppression and the divisions it causes, facing the emotional impact of the climate emergency, and increasing people’s understanding of the global impact of the climate emergency. We have developed many resources for addressing these and other issues. 

SAL’s international delegation of RC facilitators, supported by volunteers, presents workshops and forums. SAL also facilitates support groups, caucuses, listening projects, and introductory classes.

Workshops and classes communicate our perspectives on the climate crisis and what we can do. SAL forums present speakers from frontline and activist communities sharing personal experiences, learnings, and proposals for action. SAL listening circles offer a safe space where participants take equal turns sharing struggles and triumphs. 

SAL has attended the United Nations Conferences of the Parties (COPs) and many other climate conferences since 2015.  SAL has also presented virtual events. See full list of events here. 

Sustaining All Life has also often collaborated with United to End Racism on programs to

  1. Share the tools and understandings we use to address emotional barriers to engaging in the climate emergency, 
  2. Communicate our understandings and perspectives about the connections between oppression, capitalism, and climate change, and
  3. Create spaces where people in frontline communities and climate activists can be listened to as they tell their stories.

See the posters used by Sustaining All Life in our booths in the Blue and the Green Zones at COP27, now available for download and personal use for a small donation.  

Visit the Sustaining All Life website here.