Financial information

The Re-evaluation Foundation has gradually increased its grant making year-to-year, reaching a high in 2019 of granting over $700,000 to outstanding projects to spread re-evaluation counseling and develop re-evaluation counseling leaders.   For the most part, contributions have grown consistent with our ability to award grants.  However, in both 2018 and 2019, grants exceeded contributions.   This changed dramatically in 2020 as contributions remained at the same level but grants were significantly reduced as in-person workshops and travel were curtailed due to COVID-19.

The Re-evaluation Foundation has over 100 active funds focused on strengthening RC communities in various geographic regions, building liberation constituencies, and projects bringing RC tools to the broader public. 

Historically the Foundation has managed to keep operating expenses far below ten percent of our total annual grants. 

Other Income646.546,818.677,218.3026,187.79880.1215,034.6823,792.0335,099.7230,000.00
Total Income 238,931.24603,319.89490,741.95542,821.29675,135.55834,640.91610,407.16690,453.66738,714.35
Salaries & Payroll taxes8,767.378,776.3010,337.9910,260.7919,332.0612,700.7318,566.8015,674.0818,099.46
Other Expenses4,796.412,439.513,676.805,445.029,716.466,828.226,998.918,951.6310,192.47
Total Expenses325,291.94287,157.81286,057.04504,721.45429,382.72483,272.90665,560.14733,548.52271,939.32
NET INCOME-86,360.70316,162.08204,684.9138,099.84245,752.83351,368.01-55,152.98-43,094.86466,775.03

The Foundation Board functions entirely as volunteers.

If you want more financial information about the Re-evaluation Foundation, please contact us.

If you are a grant recipient and need to request a disbursement of funds, please download Form 1100.